Want to play Starbound on a multi-monitor setup but want to keep the UI elements together on one screen? Then this mod is for you.

Step 1. Download the mod

Fill the details below and press "Download mod" to download a ready-to-use mod you can extract into Starbound's mod directory.

or choose the margins manually

Margin for the upper side of the screen in pixels
Margin for the right side of the screen in pixels
Margin for the bottom side of the screen in pixels
Margin for the left side of the screen in pixels

The mod repositions UI elements by moving them by your provided margin values; much like the margins surrounding the text in a book.

For example, if you have a setup of three 1080p monitors, the HUD elements are normally on each border of the game area:

To "push" the UI elements to the center-most screen, we'll move the elements by 1920 pixels on both left and right side.

Top and bottom values are usually not necessary unless your center monitor is higher or lower than the surrounding screens (for example, you have a center 1080p monitor surrounded by 1440p monitors).

Step 2. Install the mod

Copy the mod contained in the ZIP to Starbound's mod directory.

Don't know where to find the directory?

If you're playing the game on Steam, right-click the game in your Steam library, select Properties, then select Local files tab and finally click Browse local files.... There should be directory named mods inside; extract the mod inside.

Step 3. Enjoy the game!

Just start the game and the mod should automatically work.

Note that since the HUD positioning can't be adjusted during gameplay, you'll have to redownload the mod with new values if your setup changes.